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                 Study of Interreligious Relations

is a blind peer-reviewed journal on interdisciplinary research on Interreligious dialogue, Theology, Conflict And other kinds of relations.

 In a time when the failure of dialogue, ecumenism, and multiculturalism is the word of the day, we seek to suggest alternatives to what has been going on for a few decades. Given the interdisciplinary interest of the journal, we seek to publish essays from different approaches and methods, from philosophical and theological to historical and social scientific ones. We are especially interested in essays that deal with the challenges, obstacles, and difficulties that need to be overcome.

The topics below are most welcome:

  •   Colonialism, imperialism, and interreligious relations
  •  Conversion and interreligious relations
  •  Environment and interreligious relations
  •  Geopolitics of sectarianism
  •  Historical investigations of religious conflict and reconciliation
  •   Immigration, cultural integration, and interreligious relations
  •  Interreligious dialogue and liberalism, secularism, fascism, fundamentalism etc.
  •   Interreligious relations and genocide
  •   Interreligious responses to catastrophes and pandemics
  •   Interreligious responses to women’s question, minority rights, poverty, war, and terrorism
  •   Legal vs. theological obstacles in interreligious relations
  •   Peer disagreement, religious diversity, and interreligious relations
  •   Power, exclusion, and interreligious relations.


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