The Pārsīg Database

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Alumnus of the University of Tehran, Department of the Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages, Tehran, Iran.


The ultimate goal of Pārsīg database is to have all Middle Persian texts translated, and their words examined at six levels: transcription, transliteration, translation, determination of their syntactic category, morphological analysis, and determination of their lexical status. This includes textual references, references to existing manuscripts, and the provision of a critical edition of each text. For the first time, Middle Persian texts are extensively studied and analyzed at this level. Online dictionaries of Middle Persian language also do not have such extensive coverage. "Phalavazh" is the first online dictionary of Middle Persian language that has been developed solely based on nine Middle Persian texts. It only includes transliteration, Persian meanings, and references to Pahlavi texts. Furthermore, there is no possibility for its expansion. The online dictionary "Pahlavica" is also only comprised of transcription, transliteration, English and Persian meanings, word etymology, and an example of each word's usage provided under its entry. It does not include linguistic analysis of the vocabulary and is not based on a database of all Middle Persian texts.